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Missing AC:
Feeling pretty down this weekend. It's our first Father's Day since our world came tumbling down.  It hurts that DH is not here to celebrate having brought into life our wonderful son.  It hurts that my son doesn't have his dad to celebrate the day with. This all just sucks >:(!!

But, there are still grandfathers around -  thankful for that.  We will be spending time with them both this weekend.

What are you all doing on/how do you all cope with this day?

The kids like to honor their dad. We start the day visiting him and placing flowers at his grave. We make foods he would have requested and we watch some of his favorite movies. We used to go to the Lego Convention that's always on Father's Day when he was alive but we haven't felt up to going yet.

Julester3, that is wonderful. I don't know if I will be up to doing all of that but I want to in our future. This will also be our first. We will start off by going to his grave, then visit my father-in law and then my dad.

It's getting pretty scary how good we are reciting Star Wars and Lord of the Rings!

This is our first too.  We will be making our way out to the cemetery to see him.  We will slowly make our way home and probably watch the US Open golf tournament (which is what we would do if he was still here).

Yesterday was tough and I'm sure today will be worse. Just one day at a time.


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