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My sons lawn business surprise opportunity
« on: May 16, 2017, 10:48:56 AM »
My oldest moved back to my childhood hometown and lived with my parents Jan 2016.
I moved with my younger 2 kids in June 2016.. -Almost a year..settled into our new little house-things are going well.

My oldest has excelled here (which really he was the basis for our move-after 7th grade academic opportunities/classes were limited in Stepford. He's kept a 4.0, NJHS, Paige to Legislature, and recently won states Golden Horseshoe award-based on a test-4 top scores in county go to state capital for a knight ceremony.

Yea he's smart...and that stuff comes easy to him. While I am proud as can be-I know the effort was minimal fie him to win. But this is what I am most proud of with my son.

He has a lawn business some evenings...our county school superintendent had heard from a friend of his that he did a good job..and offered him a job once a week to mow/weedeat. It's good money for a 14 year old. The superintendent told me how impressed he was with his work ethic and it's something he doesn't see much of in kids nowdays-I confessed my kid had been mowing lawns since he was 9 or 10..and he has always liked doing it.

Last night a get a letter in the mail that my son has been selected to go to the WV Ambassadors Camp at a University at our state capital all expenses paid. It's a government, cultural, civic/leadership camp for the top 15 8th graders in the entire state. They have to be nominated by their county school superintendent-and each county can nominate 1 kid..But out of 55 only pick 15. All the kids nominated are smart achievers. However..when the county superintendent nominated him it wasn't his grades or academic awards or sports that put him over the top. It was his work ethic and willingness to get his hands dirty for his own money. It's his ability to have overcome hardships/obstacles and be able to be resilient. That's what this camp looks for..And to help guide kids that may become future state leaders.

Who would have thought this opportunity would come from mowing lawns? 😊😊
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Re: My sons lawn business surprise opportunity
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2017, 03:01:19 PM »
Proud mom moment, for sure, SB.  And your son should be very proud of himself too.

I remember when you posted that your son would be moving before you did, and you were kind of worried about it.  Looks like it was a good decision, and he's obviously thriving.
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Re: My sons lawn business surprise opportunity
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That is awesome!


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Re: My sons lawn business surprise opportunity
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Proud moment and very happy for you. Hug him from my side.


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Re: My sons lawn business surprise opportunity
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Way to go, Sugarbell!  Sounds like you've got a Renaissance man on your hands.  BIL told me a while back that I was doing a great job with my children, and I just said "I've got good kids". He said "Nobody just 'has good kids', you make'em".  Made me feel good. So there you are, your efforts shine through his achievements. Congratulations!
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