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Interesting article about broken hearts
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"It is provoked when the heart muscle is suddenly "stunned", causing the left ventricle to change shape, and is typically prompted by "intense emotional or physical stress".

The article claims that the heart's left ventricle can/does actually change.......
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Re: Interesting article about broken hearts
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Interestingly, my first husband had two bouts of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy near the end of his life.  His was not caused by the death of someone close, but as a reaction to sudden respiratory distress associated with bronchitis and pneumonia.  The adrenaline rush can stun the heart, causing severe left ventricular weakness, inadequate cardiac output and extremely low blood pressure.  Fortunately, for him, he recovered cardiac function within a couple of weeks, although he needed extensive ICU support during that time.  I don't know if they would have found permanent damage.  He died just a few months after the second incident.  He was extremely weak at that point, having needed a ventilator at night the last 16 months of his life.  I know that the doctors had never seen a case of this stress cardiomyopathy in someone with my husband's specific neuromuscular disease.  Perhaps people didn't recognize it more.

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Re: Interesting article about broken hearts
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All I know is it put a wallop on me.