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I didn't realize at the time that these were going to be my DW's final words to me, I think that she did. She died later that day.

"I always loved you."

I am grateful for those words. I do wonder what she meant exactly.
Was she making a statement about how constant her love for me was, all those years that we were together as a couple?
Or, was she saying that she had loved me earlier on when were just friends?
We met in college. One time in the last 8 years or so she did say to me: "I kind of wish that you would have gotten things started sooner."


This is a very sweet post and I'm glad you have those words.

I recall the final conversation I had with my DH. It was (I think) two days before he died. I can't be certain because somehow my brain has muddled the days and conversations. I had traveled overseas to see my family and my DH didn't attend because he didn't feel strong enough. When I returned, I had to stop in Chicago for a business meeting and our last two conversations were while I was there and he was at home in PA.

We were joking a little and I told him I brought him junk food from Australia. I listed what I bought, but then had to admit I'd already eaten at least one of the items and had my eyes on another. He said "Don't you eat all the junk food - leave some for me!" I promised I would but never got to give it to him. It's a sweet moment I'm glad we had...we were both very much at ease and "us".

Take care, Bluebird

Mac, what a gift she gave to you :)   I remember transferring DH from the wheelchair to the couch one last time and DH holding on to me for longer than usual during a transfer and he told me I love you. Little did I know that those words would be some of the last important words I ever heard him say.......

Joe's last words to me were "I love you, goodnight". About ten minutes later he had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest. He was declared dead about an hour later. They were typical words we would say or anyone would say, but I cherish them.

About 30 minutes before he suffered an onslaught of seizures and finally, coma, he and I were on the phone and he said, "I love you... (pregnant pause)...bye."

It was odd, the pause. So odd I had debated phoning him straight back to inquire if everything was alright. But I was already running late for an appointment, so I didn't.

It's the pause that I'll always wonder about, but when I often reflect on it, it gave that last declaration of love more poignancy.



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