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Steve Harvey
« on: March 24, 2015, 06:33:27 AM »
Have any of you read "Act like a lady, Think like a Man" by Harvey? What are your thoughts?
I still struggle with telling new dude what I want, in a way. He is definitely a planner and is planning a life with me. I step back and watch and pay attention. Occasionally, I'll say no and see how he responds. He's good so far.
90 day rule is in my good graces. 60 days here and no nookie. Thankful for that choice. It's pretty amazing to not have clouded that water. I believe I enjoy him more because he is willing to wait and keeps coming around for reasons other than sex.


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Re: Steve Harvey
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I find him interesting and the 90 day rule sensible, for a couple reasons.

Not only does it separate the wheat from the chaff, I think, (for me, anyway) keeps ME from becoming clouded by the sex.  I joked with someone that my heart and vagina are connected, but I was only half joking.  When I am intimate with someone, my vajayjay drags my heart along for the ride.  If it's someone who isn't a good match for me, that's a lot of unnecessary angst and hurt.  IIRC, it's usually me that's hurt.  I want so badly for it to work because I've had sex - that should mean something - and there's probably a lot of Puritan New England stuff wrapped around this, but I accept that as part of who I am.

it is different to move in a relationship and have it based more on  cortex and less on coitus.