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My journey
« on: June 30, 2017, 01:37:01 PM »
I haven't posted much in recent years. Some of you may remember me, some may not. To those, not, sorry you are here.

This year hasn't been easy for me. Dad nearly died twice but is still here. What was hard for me to see was mom's anguish while being a nearly widowed. I coudn't say anything as it's too much I know..

I bought my very first home out of a whim. And it has turned out changing me somewhat back to what I was before my Heikki, to the time I was with him and to this new I didn't know was possible. Don't get me wrong, at the eve of my Husband's 47th BD I'm vary but fine.

This board (and it's predecessor) gave so much to me and I'm happy to report back that this little widda, is doing fine (although having the mandatory constant of what will go wrong next -thought as this cannot be happening to me!!!)

Love doesn't go away. Humans have strong survival skills. All in due time.