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Re: Do you go to church?
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Raised Christian, and have attended church sporadically over the years.  I don't particularly like organized religion, but enjoy the tradition, ritual and music of church service.
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Re: Do you go to church?
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Christian, was before his death still am. I attend every week, teach Sunday school, go to a small group. I get some flack for my strong beliefs, not sure why because I pretty much accept others and understand that their beliefs are there's. I did struggle for quite awhile after lh died. However GOD is still GOD whether I agree or not. Do, I still attend and teach and whatnot.


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Re: Do you go to church?
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I am a non-denominational Christian and like attending church, but I also have a son who is autistic and non-verbal, and there's no class for kids his age and the sermon and music can be too loud for him.  I cannot focus on the sermon and him at the same time.  I have taken to listening to The Jesus Christ Show on Sunday mornings and reading the bible using the YouVersion app.
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Re: Do you go to church?
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I was raised in the Southern Baptist tradition - not the prosperity type that seems to dominate some mega-churches, but real "salt of the Earth" folk. For instance, our pastor's wages were a love offering taken up each Sunday. He had a day job. Although these were good people, their world-view didn't align with mine and I became an Episcopalian in later years. It became more and more important to focus on Christ's teachings of love and inclusiveness, and move away from themes of being judgmental and condemnation of those who think differently.

I continued to attend church semi-regularly after Marsha died. It was sometimes sad, sometimes comforting. My church community was a huge blessing to me and did more than my own blood relatives. I held a position on my church vestry, and continued to fulfill my duties until the next election cycle (before which I resigned). And looking back, those days were filled with more of an allegiance and obligation to my church community than to God - although I am sure He had a hand in things.

I have since moved in the last year, and haven't been looking for a new church. I miss it, but not sure that same format is the answer.

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Re: Do you go to church?
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I was raised in a church that abused my family and my ancestors.

I study hermetic christianity sometimes bc LH was a student of it.

I am going to check out the Greek/Orthodox Church and see if it works out.

Do I believe in somethimg greater than myself, and that my husband sends me signs? Absolutely. And even if it's coincidence, I am not going to throw away what gives me comfort.


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Re: Do you go to church?
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I was raised Catholic. While I appreciate the church and its community, I haven't attended in years. It was too hard with an autistic child who would make noises, speak loudly, even run up to get the microphone. I also had another child 3 years younger than my autie. I have attended special needs mass over the years. Even there we got the stares and looks of disapprovals. I couldn't pay attention because I was too worried about my child's behavior. It was too stressful for me. So my children have only been baptized.

I do have a strong faith despite not practicing organized religion. That faith has carried me through very difficult times in my life where I just couldn't do it myself. I see interventions and signs that I have help from above and I am very thankful for it. I am wondering how to introduce and teach that to my children.

Has anyone taught believe to their children in a non-traditional way?

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Re: Do you go to church?
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I've always been sporadic about where and how often I worship. I'm the beginning I went to mass in the church of his burial regularly.   It was comforting.  I also attended a more liberal denomination I prefer. The problem is I almost always cry in church. And I like to sleep in. I have a relationship with God. I dont know the answers but I prefer to believe, in balance with reason. I've always only attended when moved to do so. Prayer and meditation have been very helpful to me.  I'm glad I was brought up with a foundation to start and the ability to make my own choices.
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