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I widow x2


AM I ALONE?  I have lost 2 wonderful husbands in a span of 10 years.  Very tragic accidents for both.  Not sure I will get through this. 

No. You are not alone. I lost my first husband in 2009 and my second husband in 2014.  There are a few of us here who are twice widowed.



Bear Tomás:
There use to be a guy named Glenn here who was widowed twice and has remarried a third time. Not sure if he still post.

Before I turned 39, I was a widow for the second time. My first husband died a week before our one year anniversary at 28 yrs old, and my second husband passed away two months ago at 30 ... You are not alone.

Just thinking about this I don't want to think of having another relationship. I am 11 months out but the thought haunts me sometimes.


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