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Teen resistant to therapy

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Thanks for the suggestions Rob and Sojourner.  I like the idea of saying things have to change, there has to be progress, and then letting him be part of brainstorming about what options might help. And maybe if it is a plan that we come up with together rather than just me (or other adults) insisting what he should do, it will go over better. 

He had a check-up this week and I asked his pediatrician to talk with him about the idea of counseling and he actually got him to agree to at least try it.  So maybe there is some hope.

My 14 year old daughter (Chick) was resistant to counseling. I asked her to try going with me so I could better understand how I could help her. We went together for a month or so. When she got comfortable with us going the therapist asked her if she would visit him individually. It was reiterated to her that what ever was said in "this" room stayed in this room. That he would not share with me anything that they talked about. But that she could share any part of it that she wanted to share with me. She agreed and I sat out in the waiting room. The therapist would ask her "would you like dad to talk with us?"  Now that she had control she wanted her time. When she got her drivers license she would drive herself.

I remember when she would get in a mood to piss off dad she would say things like. I don't know why you waste your money sending me to talk to David. All we talk about are dresses.

I wish you luck. After raising six teenagers, the only advice I can give you....  one day you can quietly giggle at them when it is their turn.


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