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A sweet part of a long sad story
« on: March 24, 2015, 08:53:56 AM »
I?ve yet to type out my whole story on the board (here or ywbb). It?s scattered in bits and pieces but honestly it is quite long. But this morning, I heard this song on Pandora, by Lee Ann Womack called ?The Last Time?, and this verse just hit me so hard:

?When you put your arms around my neck
And I barely even kissed you back
But if I'd have known it was the last time
I'da held on a little longer
And let that moment linger
And never let your fingers slip away from mine
If I'da known there'd never be another day
I'da watched you as you walked away
And kept you in my eyes till you were out of sight
If I, If I'da known it was the last time?

I was in the bathroom getting ready for work and I couldn?t even finish makeup before I was crying it off.  Because of ALL the many many ?if I had only?, or ?What if??? , all those regrets, I DID have that.  Chad was never a publicly demonstrative person.  He was military to the core and didn?t like PDA.  I can vividly see every detail of February 22, 2013.  He was leaving for Saudi that day. I had tried to get several people to go with me because I knew I would more than likely get upset and driving home alone was not something I wanted to do.  Fate or God or something had a different plan.  No one could go with me, so I went alone. We didn?t take the kids, he?d said his goodbyes to them that morning and they went on to school.   He drove and about halfway there ?I?m Already There? by Lonestar played. I tried to change it because it hurt, but he said to leave it and he grabbed my hand and held it on his leg as he drove.  Tears streamed down both our faces. The odds of that old song coming on at that moment seem so slim now. Then when we got to the airport he told me I was going to have to leave him at the curb.  I didn?t want to, I told him I would just get him checked in and then leave.  We got to the counter and as she was checking him in the attendant overheard us talking about Saudi and asked how long he was going to be gone. When we told her a year, she asked if I would like a gate pass. I was floored. I didn?t think those were even done anymore.  We were hours early because of it being an international flight and those hours are irreplaceable in my memory.  Because for those few hours, he was what I always knew he could be, what I had always wanted.  We ate lunch together. We sat at the gate with our arms around each other and really talked.  And this next part, it still seems like a movie scene ? when they called his flight I walked to the jet way with him and he kissed me.  HARD.  I mean, like almost dipped me. I was bawling by this point and I told him I wasn?t leaving until the flight was in the air; Id be right there at the window.  I was standing there staring at the plane and felt someone behind me and turned around and it was him.  He?d dropped his bags and come back for another kiss and it was SO long and so achingly sweet. It was the Chad I?d been looking for for 18 years? there was not a dry eye at that gate and some even clapped.  He just looked into my eyes and said he didn?t want to leave me but it was all going to be okay.  And when that plane left the ground, something in my heart told me I would never see him physically again.  I couldn?t shake it.  I acted like a widow then.  Took to my bed for days, couldn?t sleep in our bed, I was already grieving but he wouldn?t die until 9 months later.  The night before he left had been horrible. He was drunk. He had not packed a single thing.  The kids were upset. I had to work till after 9 p.m. that night, he showed up at my office drunk. We fought something fierce. I screamed in RAGE that alcohol had yet again robbed me because we went to bed that night back to back.  I feel like those hours at the airport were a gift.  Because if someone had gone with me he would never have opened up like that to me. He would NEVER have kissed me like that. And I more than likely would have still been furious from the night before.  I?m sitting here at work trying to choke back tears writing this; but it?s so bittersweet,  that is ONE regret that thank God I don?t have to have.  I was already thinking about posting this this morning and then Mac?s Last Words thread spurred me on.  God I miss that man.  He made me SO DAMN MISERABLE but I?d give anything for 5 minutes to set some things right 

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Re: A sweet part of a long sad story
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2015, 09:35:38 AM »
I'm crying reading your story. It's those beautiful moments you have to hold onto when the anger and resentment try to take over. I'm so glad you had that time together.
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Re: A sweet part of a long sad story
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2015, 09:56:25 AM »
Tears sprang into my eyes reading this story. It is such a treasure of a memory for you. Whatever any problems y'all had, there is/was intense love between you two.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

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Re: A sweet part of a long sad story
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2015, 10:35:09 AM »
I'm half a basket case myself today, but I'm with you, Amy.  Hugs to you. 

Life is short.  Love with all you've got. 

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Re: A sweet part of a long sad story
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I'm crying after reading your story as well.  How beautiful.  How sweet.  I'm so glad you got to send him off with so much love.
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Re: A sweet part of a long sad story
« Reply #5 on: March 26, 2015, 09:22:49 PM »
What a special gift and memory you were given.  I know it has to be so hard, looking back with regrets and thinking, "What if....?" thought.  There are good things and bad things in every relationship. No matter what, though, you will always have those special final moments together.  Nothing can ever take that away from you.  Cherish that memory.  Enjoy it.  You deserve it.
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