Author Topic: I think it's time to cut my ties...  (Read 1111 times)


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Re: I think it's time to cut my ties...
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Oh KK it breaks my heart to read yours and all the other posts on this subject.  Why are people such emotional pygmies?  I have had no contact with my in laws or any of DHs family since October last year (he died in July).  My stepson and I weren't even contacted on our birthdays or over Christmas by them!  It is what it is.  Since April my stepson has also cut off all contact with me and said if I was a decent person I would just move out of our home, take all my stuff and never come back, leaving everything to him.  I've tried so hard to keep it all together but sometimes the tide of hatred is just too strong to swim against.  Sadly I agree with you that we have to look after ourselves first and cut out the toxic relationships.  We all know we've suffered enough already ....  Sending strength, love and hugs xxx
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Re: I think it's time to cut my ties...
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Just wondering. Has anyone else experienced having half the family hate them and half like them? I feel like I'm navigating this weird dance now. I've officially cut off the mother side and his brothers as per my above posts. However the father's side is more like my husband. They have been kind and respectful. It's why I haven't really brought the issue up to anyone on that side. I don't want to create divisions. Now with my MIL storming out of that picnic the cat is out of the bag. I do worry about losing them. I also know with time we will probably drift. I also don't want more drama if spending time with them means that because of the trying relatives.

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Re: I think it's time to cut my ties...
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I'm in contact with my FIL and his mother, I have severed all ties with my MIL's side of the family. I am very open with my FIL and his mom about the whole thing and they are supportive of my feelings.
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