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I got back in my old career field, which usually involves a lot of traveling. Over the last 3+ years I've only taken a couple jobs close to home. One day I woke up and my kids were 5,6, and 8. In May I took a six week gig a couple hours north of here, didn't want to take them out of school at the end of the year so I left them with my mother and just came back on the weekends. But now . . . We're packed and headed to New Mexico in the morning. I got the apartment, school, and daycare lined out. 2-3 months in southeast New Mexico, then maybe 6 weeks near Albuquerque. Then? Well I'm back on the market. We could go anywhere. They're old enough, and now we're a tightly bonded family unit. We've pretty much been out here in the woods this whole time, and though I was a pro traveler when younger, the prospect of hitting the road with three young children is daunting. New schools, town and apartment living, getting a paycheck (now there's a forgotten luxury), new schedule. I've decided to treat it like a vacation and the kids are very excited. We're gonna take four days to get there. I'm bringing her ashes to put a pinch in all the most beautiful places in the world, starting with Carlsbad and the Grand Canyon. She and I went to Carlsbad when our oldest was two and she was pregnant with our second. This will be a far cry from our piney woods, especially for the kids. I just wish she could go with us. So we're leaving in the morning, our home will be all alone, I'm sure the goat herd will be ravaged by coyotes and bobcats. Everything will be grown up when we get back, south Louisiana doesn't take long to replace the puny marks of humans. Will this even be home? Do we even need one? We've got each other, after all. I'm excited and a little scared. Once I dreamed big, now I can barely keep sight of the smallest goal. I guess a few years of traveling will be good for the kids, they already have a good understanding of getting food from the land, now maybe they can get a feel for the differences in people and cultures. I'm rambling, I know, I just had to ramble to the people who get it. Thank y'all!

Go, Adley - adventure waits!  Sounds like a wonderful opportunity with your kids.

It sounds like an amazing opportunity for you and the kids! 

Good Luck my friend.

You're right, your home is with them- anywhere.

Have fun, it sounds like an amazing adventure!


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