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Nope....doesn't look like this is my year either.......

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I'm a member from the old board and so that tells you I've been widowed now a long time.  I've been waiting for years to come onto this board and announce to all of you that I've finally found love again. But instead I find many before me and after me finding love and moving forward.  I'm healed, I've built a life around my loss, but still that love and companionship elude me.  I get plenty of attention in real life and online, but I just can't find that connection.  I did once post widowhood, and all it got me was a broken heart....again.  I lost my husband, was starting to recover from that, met my ex bf, that was a shit show, am feeling better about that and now received bad news within my family.  I feel like just when I'm starting to feel lighter, bam!  I get knocked down again.  This is the third time now.  I'm feeling depressed, hopeless and lost.  Now I fear living out the rest of my life alone.  I hate this new life.  Vent over.

Sorry to hear this but hang in there and something good will happen.


Sorry to hear SW.  I hope things start to turn around for you soon!!

Another member from the old board also, Sri single with no end in site. It's been 6 years. I've dated been told how great I am yet still alone. Hugs

SW -- I am so sorry to hear of your loss. In this time since the passing of your beloved, I am sure you have taken time to (as the saying goes) 'do you' ... learn new ways to navigate the world as a single person, gain or regain hobbies, develop a schedule. It is in those spaces where we begin to blossom again. My pastor is on a series right now and he talks about growth; when we plant seeds, we don't get the harvest right then and there -- sometimes, depending on the crop, it can take years for the first sprouts to push through the earth. Trust that you may be that seed that takes time to grow, but when you do, wow.

That's from someone who, like a bull in a china shop, is only a year and a half out but has taken on the universe. I am an only child and so have been used to doing things the way I see fit for nearly 50 years and having been widowed twice has not changed that ;) Look up, my friend -- there is beauty out there. Know that you are getting hugs and are lifted to the Light in this place.


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