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Have you ever felt like you would think about your DH more when dating someone?

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Recently I started to date someone else again after my DH passed away 3.5 years ago. Finally the NG and I didn't work out after dating for 2 months. I found myself missing my DH even more than before and the sadness of losing my DH starts to hit me hard again.

Have you guys had the same feeling before? I suddenly feeling like going backward again.

I just miss the wonderful time with my DH....

Absolutely. After my 1 year, I dabbled in online dating because I was lonely and looking for some sort of connection to fill the void. It honestly ended up not for me but it really made me miss my husband even more. No man I dated could ever amount to him and I can't help but compare how deficient every guy was. So I sort of reverted back and I stopped dating for now. My husband and I were just so in sync with one another. We could have fun and do things and have crazy conversations. We could sit and keep one another company doing different things in the same room. It was just that we were just a touch away and accessible. I miss that the most as well as the level of trust we had.

Hi Julester3, that is exactly what I am feeling right now. My DH and I were just perfect match. We had so much fun and laughter together. Also he was just a person who knew me so well. I told myself not to compare anyone with my DH but I think we all would do it in our head? I just couldn't stop thinking My DH and I am just wondering if I can ever fall in love with anyone else again.

I tried hard not to compare the guys I dated to my husband but in the end, when you are looking for qualities you feel you need in a new relationship, in a new partner, how can you not use what quality information you have to draw on from your relationship from your late husband? I know I needed someone who can fulfill my intellectual needs as much as my physical needs. Sadly, only 1 had the intellectual capacity but everyone else just wanted physical relationships, not even caring about if we intellectually matched if the sexual chemistry was satisfactory. Sexual chemistry for me unfortunately requires that intellectual connection. I learned if it wasn't there, it did nothing for me. I learned something about myself never having dated as an adult. And the 1 guy that I really liked finally admitted he wasn't really divorced but was in an unhappy, unsatisfying marriage. I let him go because he really needed to figure himself out. I'm no home wrecker. So here I am keeping myself busy with projects and activities with my friends and kids, not dating but if I run into it, I wouldn't be adverse.

Only all the time. I just broke up with a guy I dated for 6 months.  I have been weepy and upset, however not about him. Currently I'm pissed that my lh left me in this place. I actually really liked this guy, hopefully we will remain friends. Least that's what he says he want. I try really hard not to compare. And for the most part I do ok until thing go bad. Then I start thinking my lh would never do ...  I hate it.


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