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How is everybody doing?

I lost my shit in the 6-12 month time frame.  In a big way.  It was horrific.  How is everyone doing?

I'm at about the 9 month mark now.  I have finally come out of the shock and the initial fog.  I still cry nearly every day though.  Some people I've run into recently still don't know and commented on how "drawn" I look.  Well, duh!  My world was shattered.  I shouldn't get mad at them but I do.

Some people still check on me, but others just seem to have forgotten that I exist.  Especially DH's family members.

My girls and I are spending the summer together.  Not doing much, but trying to plan ahead to their graduations at the end of next year (one will graduate college, the other will graduate high school).

I remember sometimes longing for the early days when how I looked and felt was expected. Hugs to you.

This was a good time on round 1 for me. I met the man who became my second husband. Crazy, but it worked.

This time frame was terrible on round 2. I had been diagnosed with cancer, my anxiety was through the roof and I didn't know what I was going to do with my life.

Fortunately, things have improved.


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