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Thoughts are with you. That was such a very hard time for me.

I'm at almost the one year mark and my emotions seem to just be all over the place lately. Today at work I was doing fine and then I went on break and was completely blindsided by an overwhelming amount of pain and sadness, all I wanted at that moment was to just be able to hear his voice again.

I can't remember his voice. That hurts so much

Today is my six-month mark, so I guess I will officially announce myself.

Been a mess all week.

The "shock wears off, reality sets in tag line" is so true. Even though he had Stage 4 cancer, I was deeply in shock for the first weeks/months. I have felt like curtains get opened every month or so that allow a little more of the deep grief to be unveiled, and I think this week maybe three or four curtains got pulled back at once.

No kids, just me and the cats. Mom died a few years ago. Friends have gone back to their lives. Every day I feel like I have my nose pressed up against a plate glass window, looking at everyone else living the life I don't have anymore.


--- Quote from: SieOma on July 29, 2017, 09:31:02 PM ---I remember sometimes longing for the early days when how I looked and felt was expected. Hugs to you.

--- End quote ---

And when I was practically catatonic and didn't do anything.  Now I'm expected to do normal things and I still can't.... at 18 months.


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