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Has anybody else dealt with this?


Has anyone else had there husband's best friend try to start dating you?

Well...I know there is a widow on here who started dating her husband's brother and they ended up getting married and having a baby. There's a picture of them on here- they look very happy!

IRL I met a woman who ended up with her late husband's best friend. She said in the beginning people were confused and less than supportive but that it was comforting for both of them to be able to talk so freely and openly about missing him and sharing memories of him- it seemed more companionate than romantic.

For me, if my husband's best friend started coming on to me I'd be totally freaked out/repulsed because he is truly like a brother to me.
So, I guess it kinda depends on your feelings towards him...

I know of other widows and widowers who have recouped with good friends of their late spouses. I have also met the lovely couple that Bunny mentioned.

Only you can know if this connection might be worth pursuing for yourself.

Good luck to you no matter what you decide or what happens.



--- Quote from: Kaycee on August 05, 2017, 02:29:17 AM ---Has anyone else had there husband's best friend try to start dating you?

--- End quote ---

Does your SIL count?

It didn't last long but it was fun for both of us. A shared history and all that.

Good luck - Mike


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