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I just don't understand it


At 10 months out I seemed to be finally getting to some level of being able to function again, for the most part the tears seemed to have all dried up and I could think about him and smile, until I started back to work. I really don't understand why going to work, a place he has never been and so no memories attached there, would be so painful. When I'm at work I seem to think about him constantly and I'm starting to cry again, with little to no warning. I just don't understand why work seems to be a trigger and the places I thought would be difficult to deal with don't really have any effect on me.

I'm not sure what kind of work you do, but it could be additional stress causing you to become more emotional. Or if your work leaves you a lot of time to think, that could be a factor as well. My job is a little of both, and the first few weeks back were very difficult (and some days still can be). It should get easier with time! Good luck to you, and try not to be too hard on yourself.

I second everything Monique said. Another big part of it (at least for me) was that it's another step forward to regaining your life and that is now a life without him. I found every productive step forward lead to a resurgence of pain and emotion. I think it's normal. Just breathe and work through it. None of it's easy even when it seems it should be. Thinking of you. KK


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