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I have a question for those who have remarried.  We are working on our wedding vows and the ceremony and my fiancĂ© asked if I would like to some how include Tim's memory or mention him during the ceremony.  I hadn't really thought it was appropriate but he said he would understand for my kids sake if I wanted to include him some how.

So did you include your late spouse in the ceremony? Is there a tactful way to do this without making finances family uncomfortable?

I haven't remarried but why would he be mentioned in your union with your man.  This is about you and him.  You could both talk to your kids about Tim before the ceremony and acknowledge him then.  Your fiance is a very kind understanding man but this is about you and him and your union in life.  Just my opinion.  Congrats Trying!!

BH2 that had been my thought also but when he brought it up today it made me question what is right. He actually suggested I come here and ask my wise wids! 

He is a very kind soul and sounds like he is trying to be accommodating.  I say make it about you and him.  Don't forget to thank him for his kindness and understanding  ;).  Sounds like you have a keeper Girl!! Best wishes to both and all of you!!

Hello, my friend.

John and I had only 2 witnesses at our wedding, but our ceremony/vows mentioned a little about the circumstances that brought us together - something along the lines of finding each other after having suffered loss. I spontaneously leaned my head against John at that point and we both paused and took a couple of breaths, looked at each other and then back at the celebrant, informally indicating we were ready to continue with our vows.

I have been to other weddings of widow friends. One couple lit candles for those people in their lives that had died.

I think it is less complicated with widow/widower couples than with widow(er)/divorcé(e) couples.

I think you should do what feels best for you and your kids.



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