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Remarriage and wedding vows

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I would feel awkward to invite people to a happy event and steep it in sadness.

Anyone who knows me and New Guy well enough to be invited to a wedding knows the circumstances of our meeting and courtship.

I wore DH's chain/cross when I remarried. He always would take it and put it over my head to keep safe, when he was in the hospital or something. He said that the cross was at the perfect length to be by my ❤️.
I'm also keeping his last name & adding my new husbands name. This was suggested by my new husband! We wrote our own vows and it was implied in mine that we met after tragedy.

 Sandi, I'm so glad to hear you're keeping both last names.  I think this is what I want to do if I ever go through with marrying, and NG is fine with it, but others have said it's weird.

I haven't had any weird comments on it, I think anyone that knows me enough to give an opinion knows my reasons & the only opinion that mattered was my new husbands. He was fine if I kept my name as is! He gets me & "it" more then I ever expect. Widower in a past life? Seriously! lol

I kept late husband's last name as my middle name and new husband's as my last name.  My maiden name was mine for 24 years, my first married name also 24 years but has more meaning to me because of my 3 children.  No one has said it is weird, at least not to my face!


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