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Grief Sucks

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10 months along and I think I'm learning how to deal, then bam! Everything comes crashing down. I feel like I've fallen right down that dark hole again and I'm not sure I have enough strength left to climb back out. I miss him so much and this pain is absolutely unbearable. Grief sucks!

I've found grief rather cycles back and forth - almost 1 step forward but 2 steps back, at times. You feel better and then something, any small thing only you would notice can drop you down again and seem to stop any progress you were making. Keep climbing - it sucks and it's definitely frustrating. Hugs for you today.

I am right there with you. It will be 1 year very soon. Today I was in the bathroom sobbing, trying to be quiet, so I wouldn't upset the kids. Yes grief does suck.

Mrs Reader:
At exactly ten months I felt awful and did crazy stuff. But then suddenly things changed at one year mark. Since then it has been a lot easier. I still have bouts of despair and deep sadness, but more rarely and less intensive. All in all, I am almost ok most of the time, here at 14 months. Almost ok is not totally fine, but it feels fabulous all the same.
So hang on. Someone here said that it gets worse until it gets better. I counted on that scentence and it turned out so true.

Reaching one year mark and small things like song or some sentences from past will bring me down to earth but life moves on ...


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