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OT- Harvey
« on: August 25, 2017, 11:41:23 PM »
Prayers for all those who may be in the path of Hurricane Harvey in TX!

Went through Celia in '70 as a kid living in Kingsville (about 50 miles inland, give or take) back then, if anyone's heard of it (or remembers it, as more senior of the young widowed!). It was a hard hitting one. Lots of damage, like is expected from Harvey. Didn't get the brunt of it, being further inland, but still remember the winds, then the weirdly quiet eye of the storm, and then the tail end whipping through. Then the severe flooding after. Had a good 3-4' of water in the streets around our neighborhood; grateful the houses were generally elevated from the streets where we lived! Back then I was so jealous of the kids out swimming and playing in it- now, ICK!!! Think raw sewage from flooded water systems, if not dangers from drowning, electrocution, flash flooding on top of the standing water, rattlesnakes flooded out into the streets, and who knows what else!  :o Thanks to my parents for banning that for me & my siblings! And like I said, we weren't even on the front lines where we lived!

Stay safe!!! Prayers for your safety!