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Ugh a new school year and it's a big year without their dad


Oh I've been dreading the start of this school year. As much as the regular start of school gives us some goals and something to focus on after a restful idle summer, it's a big year for us. My girls will be graduating high school and middle school at the same time and there will be the typical schedule of traditional events and only me to run around like a chicken with its head cut off to meet the expectations of both. I can help but think about everything Josh will miss and would have been so proud to take part. Senior night football game for athlete and band parents is a huge tradition here. We just did senior photos and I'm imagining a conversation with my husband to decide what photo prints to order.

Just as we were finding a rhythm to living without him, I'm finding myself weakening again and wondering how I am going to do this by myself.

Big big hugs - I can relate as my kids have both graduated high school and are now college students, all of this without their Dad.  He would have loved to be there for all of this, there's been a huge gap in celebrating these milestones and I've tried hard to include extended family in on everything.  It's taken a little bit of the sting away to have a group of us at graduations, etc. but oh so painful to realize that he's not here to celebrate with us.  At particular moments I would pause and ask what should be done, and every so often I'd get a voice in my head and imagine that it was him talking to me and making suggestions.  Foolish maybe, but it made me feel better thinking that in some small way he was a part of it.  Best wishes to you for the school year -

I think these kinds of moments will always make us weak. My daughter started her high school few days later to funeral last year. Son will be leaving for sweden this weekend for his co-op term. Just feel so empty that how she would be proud and happy seeing kids growing.


I have a senior in high school as well. Senior year photos are coming up soon - not sure how I will deal.  My heart hurts so much and I feel like there are all these arrows that keep piercing it over and over again


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