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It's been a year
« on: August 26, 2017, 03:27:44 PM »
Today marks the anniversary of losing my husband. I didn't want to tell the kids. I should never underestimate my children. Of course a child will know the date of losing a parent. We woke up early, my daughter had a volleyball meet today. On the way there she asks if today in the 26th. I tell her yes. She just looks at me with amazement and says I cannot believe it has been a year. She is 12. She just stopped me in my tracks.
I cannot believe it either. I never imagined that our life would look like this.
I can say that I have struggled with moving forward. I have come a long way. My first post that I ever made was about my kids. I wanted to make sure that they would be okay. My three children 12, 9, and 20 months seem to be happy and are doing good. We are starting our new year today.

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Re: It's been a year
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Getting through that first year of firsts has some sense of relief because you conquered the unknown days, holidays, and events that could impact your day to day life and cause extreme trauma and sadness. Kids get a better sense of timing as they grow so I'm not surprised that your daughter asked to confirm the date with you. I think we parents are lucky to have our kids to force us to keep us on track. I don't think I'd be anywhere as functional if I didn't have my kids to push me through.