Author Topic: New home, new town and old tears  (Read 285 times)


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New home, new town and old tears
« on: August 28, 2017, 12:59:35 PM »
I am happy to have moved.  Love my new house.  My kid's new school is great!  I like so much about it. So much more to do on the weekends!    But then, there are those moments.  Moments of tears of NO ONE knows me.  No one knows who I was and what made me who I am.  Lonely, standing in a room full of folks, like at church.  My identity formed with LH.  It is part of me and always will be.  So, tears about life is new, but my past is just that.  Past.  It is such a mind field of emotions.  I know it will get better, but wow.  I know many of you have done this already.  Glad to know it.
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Re: New home, new town and old tears
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Well done tybec! 
You are right, it is still part of you and always will be.  I guess now you kinda get to have that on yours terms and not everyone else's.  I am sure there is emotional challenges still to come.  I am proud for you and admire that you did it.
I think there is a move in my future as well just not sure of any details yet.


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Re: New home, new town and old tears
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I only moved across town so I didn't really leave my whole world behind me but I have experienced the struggle of emotions in new settings where on one hand it's a relief to be where there are no memories but on the other hand I want people to know my history, to know I'm not divorced, to know my kids don't have an uninvolved loser for a Dad that doesn't show up to things.

Big hugs to you tybec, I'm sure you are on an emotional roller coaster.  Keep reminding yourself that you had very good reasons for moving and you have survived much harder things.
You will forever be my always.