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1st Sad Anniversary

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Today is the first Sad anniversary. Started the day with ok mood but then suddenly something stuck and started crying. Have been like that for last 2 hours. Plan to go to temple with kids and pray for her peace.
Thought of sharing.

The one year anniversary was really hard for me.  I felt the normal grief, which doesn't alter significantly day to day, but only over larger periods of time, but I also felt - this may sound strange - grief over the end of this commonly seen "acceptable" period of mourning.  I felt exiled, like in some way, the first year, the year of firsts, was over, and I was flung out into the world and I wasn't ready yet, I wasn't done grieving so hard, I wanted to stay in the bubble.  These are all imaginary lines and boundaries, but for some reason, it hit me really hard.  I'm thinking of you.


The first year after my wife's death was by far the most difficult year of my life. And after passing my first sad anniversary, I took a small bit of comfort in the knowledge that somehow I had survived and in the belief that someday things would get better.

I wish you a measure of peace as you pass through your one year point.

--- WifeLess

Thanks Mizpah and Wifeless,
Advice from everyone who is traveled the path is really helpful. Yesterday was quite bad and today is little better.


The girls and I visited my husband's grave the morning of his sadiversary and then went to his favorite brunch place. We then just spent the day having quality time together and just talking. The day is hard enough. Hugs to you.


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