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Our kids are dual citizens, I finally have started the process for our youngest child- he heads away to uni soon and I know his Dad wants him to have his second passport. So I've done some of the paperwork
it means I have to dig through and find my husbands birth certificate, our wedding certificate, and his death certificate. And pack them up and mail them away.
I'm really balking at this- it makes me sick to my stomach to think of looking at that again (and I have to - to make sure I send the right documents) it seems insurmountable that I have to look at these documents again.
So, it's been a long time coming, and maybe this afternoon I can handle it.
It's just never ending really


After 4 years I recently had to get the death certificate out again, it sucks every time.  Back to school time here and filling out the damn forms, "father's name" still sucks every time too.  It's important to me that the school knows he's not a dead beat dad, he's just dead.

Yep- those forms suck. But I did always put his name down- after all he is their Dad.

Huge hugs. I always dread the times that I have to get the death certificate out. Sending it to strangers sucks. 

Sorry you have to deal with it in this circumstance.

Hugs! It sucks to pull out those documents!


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