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oneoftwo, you have the harder case, doing it on behalf of him.  I know it's hard to deal with Those Documents.  I am the non-native, so I filed for their Canadian passports with just my documents.

Does it help if you reflect that this is a final thing he can do for his son, but that he needs your help?

Take care,
Rob T

After almost ten years I still hate that death certificate. I've seen my share of them but my husband's name was never supposed to be on one.

Sorry you have this again.

Thanks guys,
I still haven't dealt with this, my latest excuse is that it's already too late for it to get there on a work day, so I may as well wait till Monday. I think I can muster strength/mental fortitude between now and then to get the stuff in an envelope.
But I did make some calls about some details that needed doing.
I get nauseous even thinking about that piece of paper-
the coroner was kind and omitted a lot, but there is enough there that I've read once, and caused complete break down -
I know I'm wasting more energy thinking about it than I will in getting it done, but that seems to be my MO these days


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