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NEED TO CANCEL...Mt. Monadnock NH hike bago September 30th

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I'll be there.

Thank you for organizing this,  Rudy.

|+|  M a r k  |+|

It's going to be a small group! Lol Well wid numbers...a bunch of kids along with us.

Anyone else feel like climbing a mountain? We'll be meeting between 9:30 and 10am and should be done around 4pm.

Rudy -

I appreciate your efforts to organize this hike and I did want to come. Things have changed for my family in the last month, however. Both of my parents are having medical problems and need my help. Right now, I should not travel to any place where they might have trouble reaching me.

I am hoping to see this situation improve by the end of the year.

Thanks again -

|+|  M a r k  |+|

Well I have a sudden work issue that requires my attention tomorrow. So as frustrating as this is for me I have to cancel. I think think there were only three of us going anyway.

Will life ever get easier?

Well it rained all day anyhow...not a good day for a hike.
We'll try again next fall!


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