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I'm a prude

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 Here's my question, which who knows if i'll ever get to answer again,:

At what point do you start holding hands?

To me this is a very personal space, palm on palm, acknowledging no weapons, I don't know if I'll hold hands with someone again , I mean ii think I'd kiss someone before I'd hold hands with them

The rule is that there now seems to be no rules.

When I was dating, there were occasions where I was kissed or offered sex before any handholding. "Whoa, hold on there Sister, you're on step 45, I'm on step 6."

It's almost as if each of our instructions on how this courtship thing is to proceed is totally our own, and no one's list matches anyone else's. With loads of opportunity for misunderstandings, hurt feelings, confusion, etc.

It's a minefield out there.  ???

Good luck - Mike

For me, handholding comes quickly, if I feel a connection with someone. I am a touchy feely person though.

And rules? No clue! I go with what feels right in each give situation.


I'm completely anti hand-holding.  I've never liked even holding my kids hands.  My daughter grabs my hand just to bug me, it takes everything I have to not rip my hand away.

But to echo the thoughts above, there are no rules.  Or none that I was given.   

I never mentioned or asked about rules

I was just thinking the other day how much I miss the simple act of walking side by side with someone and reaching out and holding hands.
Such a small, intimate thing. But an actual display that you're a couple- a team. Joined together.

I was just hypothetically thinking that if I were ever to see someone, at what point would I do that again.
And I was wondering at what point in a new relationship other folks did.
Just another thing I really miss


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