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My son recently left for college and for the most part it's going well but today an issue came up and I'm having a hard time dealing with it on my own.  This is one of those times I really need my husband here to discuss it with.  There's nobody as emotionally invested in a kid as their parents which makes me feel very alone when issues come up.  I guess this part doesn't get easier as time passes. 

I completely get what you are saying, no one can ever be as invested in our kids.  This has been the most consistently difficult part of being widowed for me over the 4 years. 

I would be happy to be an ear for you but I know nothing can replace having your husband there by your side in this.

Feeling for you- am walking in shoes about that same size give or take, and I get how it is. :-\

I totally get it. Both my kids have IEP's and when there are issues, man, the feeling is crushing without that ability to talk it through with your partner. Well you could theoretically still but we literally get no feedback or conversation that isn't imaginary and that sucks. I often tell myself what would be worse is someone else taking my right to parent and that fires me up a bit. Hugs for you. It's not easy.

Thanks for the replies.  So sad that we all have to go thru this.
The friend that I thought I could talk with about it that night never replied to my phone call or text, which made me feel even worse.  That is what makes this site so great - you can always count on someone to lend an ear.  It worked out after all and I got thru it - until next time.


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