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I like to wear his socks.  I still wear a carnelian heart he gave me. I have one of his flannel shirts, which i wear often. My new husband has no idea that it's DH's socks or shirts that I am wearing.
I found a shopping receipt in the potato drawer from 2009. I read all the items purchased and deduced that this was from DH's shopping, not mine. I put it into recycling, but was so disappointed when New guy threw out the recycling... I am happily married, I have a life. But DH is a tender love that I carry everywhere.  Are any of you guys leading two lives like that?

Yes! I live with my boyfriend and I have a joyous life and I still have DH's socks too! I have a piece of art hanging in my home that is significant in many ways from my first marriage, no one else would ever know or understand the meaning and I get great pleasure from it. Living this way doesn't even feel weird. 

Mimi I think it so sweet that you wear his socks! Keep it to yourself and enjoy it all. I love seeing you have a new happy life that is so very different from your life with Donald. I don't think it's a duality in your life... It just means that you keep Donald close and have enough room in your heart for both the wonderful men you love. Take care my friend!  Tracy

Certain things are ok to keep close to our hearts and to ourselves only. It doesn't mean we don't cherish the present because we honor the past.


--- Quote from: maddalena on September 12, 2017, 09:34:29 AM --- Are any of you guys leading two lives like that?

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***sigh***  oh yeah


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