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Connecticut Winery Bago Sunday, September 24th

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I think I will be able to make this. So what time are people going to get there?



It seems it is easier if someone arrives at about noon. I will be there then. I know that DonnaP and MrDrew will probably be later, as they are coming from another event in New Hampshire.

I hope that anyone who might live nearby will consider coming.

Feel free to PM me!


I am really looking forward to this bago. The weather report calls for full sun and temperatures near 90 degrees!  We can choose in or outdoors (maybe grab an indoor table and venture outside for walks?)

See you all Sunday!


I'm hoping to be there (that's the current plan). It certainly won't be a cool, crisp fall day!! lol

As always, it is good to get together with fellow wids. It was a beautiful day and although the winery was crowded and noisy because of harvest today, I'm glad we were able to get together!  It is hard to believe that I met some of you just weeks after Barry died in 2009 and many of you had met John. We didn't have anyone new today, but I hope in the future that new folks will join us.

I'm sorry I have to pass on next week's hike in New Hampshire, but maybe next time!

Hugs, Maureen


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