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We have lost one of our own

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I know. I miss him. I know you do, too.



I hope his family's doing ok.  Love to you, Maureen.

still can't believe he is not there anymore...

It is hard for me to believe that it has been six months since I wrote this post.  My friend Fly has been gone that long.  I wish he was here so that I could tell him that I finally found a job in my field.  Part of me wishes he could have seen my perseverance.  He certainly listened to me lamenting the challenges and failures along the way.  He was willing to give me a job in one of his businesses, but I turned him down in order to focus on my own goals.  He encouraged me to be open to possibilities that might be outside my immediate vision for myself.  I find myself listening to this advice now, as I start thinking about the possibilities about finding a new place to live, meeting new people, and finding ways to connect with community.

I have refrained from communicating with his family too much.  I know that they are struggling to integrate more than one loss into their own lives.  His daughter, now approaching age 7, lost her mother almost 2 years ago and her beloved daddy 6 months ago.  She is a smarter version of her intrinsically driven father and I imagine she is keeping her guardians on their toes.  Fortunately, she has a village surrounding her.

I miss him.  I know others do, too. 



you're right Maureen.  Missing him too...I have no words...



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