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We have lost one of our own

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I am so sad to hear this.  Thank you for sharing with us a little more about the man he was.  My heart goes out to his daughter facing another devastating loss and for you on the loss of your friend.  There is so much that is unfair in this life.

Thank you for sharing.  I remember his posts. I am glad you got to know him, and he you.  I am sorry for your loss.  And like others, my heart goes out to his daughter.  I will raise a glass to my fellow Canuck tonight.

how sad, i'm glad you were there for him. Poor little girl. to lose both parents

He sounded like a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing. I wished I could have known him better and I feel for his little girl.

My condolences WW.  Thank you for sharing Fly with me.  They are beautiful words you have written.  I have shed a few tears.....


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