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When you finally break the cycle..........

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The emotionally unavailable ex pulled his usual stunt and texted me after months and months of no contact.  It's been a long and painful road getting over him.  In the past, he would contact me, and we would repeat the cycle, resulting in me being further hurt and disappointed.  But this time was different.  After he texted me, I waited 4 days before responding with the following:

"It's taken a long time for my heart to catch up to my head, but I'm finally making progress.  Please do not contact me anymore". 

I've never in all the years he's played the ever seductive withholding dance, told him to jog on.  After I did, I called my mother and cried on the phone to her.  I know I did the right thing, and had finally come to the place where I'd rather be alone than spend another minute on a man that did nothing but jerk me around.
But still, it felt so final. 

For any of you out there that are going thru something similar, hang in there.  Trying to navigate thru the waters of the dating world after loss seems to make it all the more difficult.  Especially when you give your heart and have it broken, again.  Hold onto hope, even when some days feel hopeless.


Way to go SW!! Way to care for yourself!! 

That took guts and a heavy dose of self respect, way to go!  As hard as it is, don't doubt that you did the right thing.

Good for you!!


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