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When you finally break the cycle..........

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Great. Keep it going.

You are taking care of YOU!  Better things are ahead.  After what we have been through, it is just a blip on the radar of life. Believe that.

 "I'd rather be alone than spend another minute on a man that did nothing but jerk me around."

A lifetime ago, I had just moved back to the city that  would be my home for years.  I was hanging around some of my old friends.  I told my Mom that if I kept hanging around them, I would probably end up back with Old Boyfriend, who was a jerk.  She asked if that was what I wanted, and I told her no.  She suggested I not hang around those people. I took her advice.  It still hurt, though,for a while.

Captains wife:
Seriously - good for you. This is the best thing you can do for yourself. I was in a somewhat similar situation and finally I told him good bye for good. I miss him a bit, sure, (the good side) but it was the best thing I ever did - I got him out of my space, heart and mind. I feel free now of his toxic situation (he was also a huge drinker). It feels so good to move on.

You go, girl. Now that you have done it, it will be easier to spot the jerks in future and tell them to get to steppin right away. {{{hugs}}}


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