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Went to cemetery..
« on: September 25, 2017, 06:50:37 PM »
Went today , it will be five years in October.  I find it somewhat ironic , my husband didn't like having neighbors .. we live on an acre with only one neighbor we can see. He was well loved by all, but wasn't a "people " person. His tombstone still has no one on either side of him. The place is now rows and rows of tombstones , but his all alone. Sort of makes me smile , I joke when I go to him .. what are you doing to scare away your neighbors ?
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Re: Went to cemetery..
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Okay. I cracked a smile.

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Re: Went to cemetery..
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I may have laughed a little.   


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Re: Went to cemetery..
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Brought a smile to my face.


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Re: Went to cemetery..
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My husband loved, loved, loved his job. He lived and breathed computers. He worked all day at it and then would come home and be on our computer at night. I would have to talk to the back of his head if I wanted to talk to him!

Ironically, the cemetery is right next to his office building!! The cemetery is this beautiful, lush acre upon acre of green rolling hills, and if you go to the top of a hill you can see thru the trees to his office building.

I think he's comfortable there.

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