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Stress with his ex pushing me over the edge

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So sorry to hear that, Newgirl. It is hard when family is toxic. I am far away from all my family as well, except my son (who does not live with me) and three cousins of my LH, none of whom live in my state. The three of them are kinder to me than 'blood' family. I don't hear much from one but he invited me to visit should I ever be in his state, while the other two stay in fairly close touch. However, it taints us from wanting to be close, doesn't it? I freak out inside when anyone suggests coming to visit because I don't want them to stay with me (the one cousin stayed with LH and I for a while ... boy was that something; the other is very level-headed, wants to visit as she has never been to this state, but wants to get her own hotel and rental car because she knows I work every day and have my guard dogs here).

Newgirl I am sad to hear your parents treated you this way.  I truely hope she comes around at some point before the kids get much older because I don't want them having resentment towards her that clouds their life.  They are great little boys who deserve to be loved by all of us, it's not their fault their parents divorced and they shouldn't have to pay the price. 

She continues with her craziness and they go back to court next week.  He just needs to have the custody thing settled and in writing so she realizes she can't just call all of the shots.

The sad thing is that their youngest, first grade, has a parent day at school the day they go to court so neither of them can be there.  I will be going so he isn't upset and I'm sure he will be happy to have me but it really should be one or both of them, these times are precious and don't last forever.

Thank goodness for the little one that you can attend, Trying. However, be prepared for weirdness from his mum because you did a good thing  ::)

Found some very helpful suggestions in this article, thought I'd pass it along here:


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