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This really happened.

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Hello everyone.

Me and my wife are very young. I am 25 years old. Now I understand people have become a widow at that age, but I have come to the conclusion that I am not a widow because she is always here with me.

In any case, please understand that I am still in an incredible emotional roller coaster as my wife is donating her organs today. I say it this way, because while her heart is still pumping technically she is only there for the donations. That's what is keeping her heart going, she knows what she wanted.

Today is also the one week anniversary of our marriage. That's right, not only am I young, and a male widow, but our future together had been cut extremely short. We agreed we were soulmates and I will never remarry.

When I came to terms this really was going to happen (and due to a lack of sleep this awful week) I wanted to find someone who may actually understand. Friends and family say they understand... But then they follow up with they can't even imagine what I'm going through... And I just knew there had to be someone out there that had a similar situation..

I remain firm that she resigned herself to this fate after she said she had lived more in our short time together than she ever had in her entire life...

I hope immensely there is someone else out there that's had a similar situation... I've read about how the Young widows club being obviously the club nobody wants to be in.. but from everything I've seen is that the very few I've found at the age of 25, they had been married for at the very least I had found was 10 months into marriage.... Don't get me wrong, obviously that's early, I just feel at a total loss of what to go to where because of my situation being so imminent... I'm not over the greeting process, but I know I never will...

Right now I just want to find comfort in being totally unique in such a bad way.... Male widow, at 25 years old and she died a week after getting married immediately after the honeymoon...


I'm so sorry, boyo. Peace to you in this terrible time and always.

I'm sorry you had to join the group. Were you together long before you were married? I am new to this group as well..age 33. It's definately a roller coaster. One day at a time

So sorry to see you in this forum. Life is roll coaster and will be like this for a while. I am one year out but life is still same except pain is less and brain is able to think about some other stuff.

No words. I'm just so sorry you have joinef us


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