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This really happened.

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Sorry you have the reason to be here. Everyone has different circumstances for sure but there is a lot of commonality to the experience and I am glad you found this community. It can surely help you navigate as you come here to vent, share and both fall apart and put yourself back together again.

As time moves along, don't forget about this place. It can really be a comfort.

Sorry to hear this.  Im 37,  my wife was 40. I had to make the decision to switch from lifesaving mode to comfort care,  switching off defibrillator in her pacemaker because there was no chance of recovery.  She passed away later that day.

Its probably easier for me because it was expected for a long time.  She was in pain alot.  Now we are both at peace. 

Sorry you have to go thru this Jdubb. I had to remove the ventilator too. Sometimes life doesn't give you another chance. Good you can think positive that both at peace.


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