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5 Lies You Were Told About Grief


Someone probably posted this on the old site and I believe it to be the most truth I've ever read about grief and told in a way that doesn't pull any punches.  I respect that.  I thought it might be worth re-posting here.

In a few days I'll be the same age my husband was when he died.  Not a birthday I want to celebrate and even a little more bitter because my mother passed last summer and our birthdays were one week apart.  A lot of triggers this last few weeks and a lot of emotions coming to the surface.

Thanks for posting this.  I remember reading it on the old board and wishing I had stumbled across it earlier.  I thought at the time (and still do) that it made the most sense of anything I ever read concerning grief.

(((Hugs)) to you and wishing you peace in the days ahead.



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