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The in-laws strike again

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Thanks everyone. It's nice to know others can relate to this struggle. I actually have an update from tonight. It turns out his father side of the family is so fed up with my MILs Behavior that his paternal Grandfather is actually going to pull her aside and tell her if she's so hell-bent on people picking a side she's the one that's going to get left in the dust. Because I have been classy and haven't asked people to pick sides. Because I remain neutral and because they know how much my husband loved me and I loved him they're done with her BS. I honestly thought there would be no justice as she's done nothing but act like a child for the last year. But now the child has drawn the line in the sand and she's having a hissy fit because nobody standing on her side of the beach. This feels like a little victory. Who knows how it'll actually play out though.


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