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This year, it's Tuesdays

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Michelle should have been 56 tomorrow.  Thus starts my anniversary season, remembering that 7 years ago tomorrow was a fine Sunday to go see the fall colours and stop at a chocolate shop on the way home.  Her last good trip out of the house, as the next and last would be the chemo visit that got turned into "I'm sorry, there's nothing more we can do."

I have a new relationship, and it's good, though it's still hard to tell if it's "IT".  This will be the first anniversary season she will get to share with me.  I guess how and how much I let her see is my test, and how she reacts is hers.  She's had trials, but isn't a widow.

Through a quirk of fate, all of my days - her birthday, her sadiversary five weeks from now, and our wedding anniversary eight weeks from now - are all on the same day.  This year, it's Tuesdays.

Take care,
Rob T

Rob , sending you hugs and peace . These days always bring up emotion . 💙

thinking of you today
Hope the day goes gently for you
take care

Gosh I hate patterns! Mine are all on Saturday's somehow. Strength and fortitude to you as you get through these days.

Hey there, Rob,

'Tis the season, eh?  My dates seem to be spread around the entire calendar.

"Happy Birthday, Michelle" just doesn't seem to cut it...so perhaps you can drum up some better memories of her on her special day.

Hugs to you and R and S,



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