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According to my college journal, I met my boyfriend 31 years ago today. I read him the entry a couple years back, even though it was ridiculously gushy and girlish- very entertaining; he definitely made an impression on my young heart! Sometimes I sit back and think about the fact that we had to meet and briefly be in each other's lives all those years ago in order for us to be together now, so many years later. It's weird.

Such a mix of bittersweet and sweet in how you found yourselves back together; much happiness to you both!

Captains wife:
It must seem weird but how sweet....Its interesting...I know of a number of people this is happened to (widowed, divorced) where they reconnected to an old boyfriend/girlfriend/flame. There must be some extra comfort there that you knew them before vs. meeting a stranger, online dating (and it takes forever to get to know the person). Sigh - there are certain exes that I wish would come back into my life : )

My current DH and I met in 1987.  We weren't bf/gf but had a little thing, my roommate had a big crush on him and I was deciding if I should continue a long distance relationship with someone else so it never was serious.  He then transferred to another college and I never heard from him or about him until 2014 when we found out we lived in the same town (different state than either of us grew up in). 

We are both glad we didn't try to have a relationship then because he was immature and it would've probably ended poorly and I may not have given him a chance all these years later. 

Weird but nice.

What a sweet story. It's wonderful you found your way back to each other.



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