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Apparently, I am pre-disposed to visiting the past as my husband was also a college fling. (and the star of many journal entries). He was NOT marriage material, though he asked me several times. We were in and out of each other's lives for 11 years before reuniting and eventually marrying. We were opposite in so many ways, but could not deny the incredible bond between us...

As for my bf- both of his grandmothers were widowed in their 80s and remarried to long ago sweethearts, so I suppose it's in his blood also.

I wasn't interested in dating after my husband died so I suppose hanging out as friends with an old fling was probably the only way I'd end up in a relationship. Reading the dating threads on here make me glad I have not had to experience that! (Sorry ;D) makes me feel almost guilty he literally came up onto my porch with no effort from me whatsoever.

The lessons I learned in my marriage do make me a better girlfriend. We had an amazing love that was also deeply flawed. It's made grieving...complicated. Being in a relationship seems to have intensified that. Man, there is just so much I wish I could talk to my husband about, including my bf. Yeah. Weird.


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