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I"m stressing about NG's upcoming birthday.  We've made weekend plans to be away and have reservations at a nice restaurant.  We're not into significant gift giving, we've both talked about how we don't really have a need for more stuff.  Yet a simple birthday card doesn't seem like enough.  I'm looking for ideas - what have you all done for birthdays with your new relationships?

Just give him the gift of your time and attention.

Actually I am really bad at gift giving and don’t have any good ideas. But try and not stress to much about finding the right gift or what level of gift to give him. He likes you because you are you.

Oh, trying2, your post made me smile as I am already ramping up for Christmas! Does NG have hobbies? You might consider a small token related to one of those. You might make him a coupon book ... if you all are really early on, include things like 'One ticket to watching your favorite sport on television,' or 'One ticket for cooking your favorite meal' -- ordinary but touching things that make spending time together fun. If you are a bit further along, include maybe back massage or something more  :-* I did that last Christmas and it went over pretty well.

I usually just buy NG clothes. He never buys himself new clothes. So he usually gets a couple Harley shirts, some jeans, new socks. Not very romantic, but he really appreciates it. He never has money to spend on that kind of stuff.

Also for his last birthday he hinted at going to a country music concert, so I got tickets to the concert and we did that also.

Oh, yeah -- forgot about clothes. T-shirts, if your NG is a casual dresser, are usually welcomed.


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