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NG's birthday

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Since you’re going away, why not book a massage or some other activity/experience?

Food is always a way to a man's heart.  Bake his favorite cookies, make his favorite meal.  We like the whole "experience" as a gift. Today is current DHs birthday and I got tickets to the Rangers with an overnight in NYC for him.  Tonight I made the dinner of choice.  For my birthday he got me tickets to Billy Joel with an overnight in the city.  Time together is very precious to us.

 Also a hand written love note in the store bought card is something we both do!

Captains wife:
I took my NG for a romantic getaway. Filled the card with a certificate for one romantic night out with some cut out pics of different dining, hotel, location options.  He loved it! So I ended up taking him to Boston with a dinner cruise. Agreed-Alone time is very precious.

Thanks for the ideas, all of them good ones.  I'll let you all know what I do - his birthday celebration is next weekend  :D

trying -- was the celebration this past weekend or is it the one coming?


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