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I used to love the fall.

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But then DH dies on Sept 29th, we buried him on Oct 4th, our anniversary is Oct 9th.  My birthday is in a couple days and his on November 6th. 

I'll be officially older than he ever got to be.   

I hate the fall now.

I have not been a fan of fall, either.  My first husband died on the first day of fall, and he hated to be cold, so, in some ways, if he was going to die, at least he got to enjoy the warmth of the summer first.  His birthday is also in November...the 9th one he has missed.

Hang in there. 


Wife of Tomasz:
Also hate fall. We met in the fall, it used to be a happy time. He died on Sept. 18th, his birthday is Sept. 26th. Sept sucks.

Yeah, fall used to be my favorite time of year... now, meh.  Wedding anniversary time, birthday time. I just had *that* birthday- the one where, if your spouse was the older one, you turn the age they were when they died. In roughly 6 months, I'll have had more time in this world than he got.

Yup with you on that one...October sucks!
His birthday was the 8th he died on the 18th and buried the 22nd
Be happy to skip right over that month


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