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At the age of 45 I suddenly became a widow July 2015. I never thought I would want to date, let alone feel I would ever want to find love. But here I am 2 years and 3 months later, I am ready. I am strong in my Christian faith and with a lot of prayer and trust, I have gotten through the endless days and nights of tears, wondering how I would get through another day, and thinking I wanted to be alone forever. I miss loving someone and having someone love me. I did not take this decision lightly. After I thought I was ready to date, I still waited a few months to make sure I was really ready. Now is the hard part. Where do you meet a good guy? I don't want a guy who spends all his time in a bar, so that it out. Honestly, where do you meet people? Now that I know I am ready, I want to find that man who is right for me, I just have no idea where to look.

Hi FoF.

When I started dating I used a faith-based site. It doesn't necessarily cut out all the gold-diggers and buttheads but it at least gives you a shared basis to start from.

I met great women through it and eventually found my now wife there.

Just an idea. PM me if you wish.

Good luck - Mike

Don't do any free dating sites unless you really want to. Too many vipers out there and moved too fast so it was overwhelming. So far I am liking a paid dating service because you can set tight filters and I recommend you do so when you know what is important to you  (faith, distance, education, interests, etc.). I have also heard good things about joining adventure or meetup groups surrounding a particular interest as well. I didn't try that yet. It's a hard step and it takes time so be patient and kind to yourself. Good luck!

Your post sounds alot like me.  It will be seven years soon and I am just now considering it.  I have the same problem - when I know I am ready, where will I look?  I don't think I am cut out for online dating.  I would prefer to meet someone the old fashioned way, but not quite sure how that is done any more.  Good luck to you on your search!! 

I met my Chapter2 online, and I met him on a free site. I think you can just check out all the different dating sites and maybe try one or two that you like or have a common interest in. Everyone's experience is different. I met more than one nice man online.

I also met people through volunteering and through friends.

I say keep an open mind and try to have fun!


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